Baggu and Areaware

by Charlotta Hellichius

For this weeks lecture class we had the opportunity to visit the studios and showrooms of Baggu and Areaware.

Baggu develops, manufactures, distributes and sells bags. The companies first product was an environmentally friendly shoppingbag in nylon that came in a variety of colors, and for a couple of years it was the only product that was sold. Since then, Baggu has grown into a company with several different lines of bags and a strong following of devoted customers. We went for a tour of their office, studio space as well as their showroom and got to listen in on the future plans of the company and the benefits and hardships of being a growing firm in a big business.

We also visited the showroom of Areaware.

Areaware is a manufacturing and distribution company that specialize in gifts. They have a strong design focus and strive to work with young talants. They retail designproducts that are “gift-able” and fun. I liked some of the simpler products that Areaware presented, for example the wooden crocodiles, colorful robots and the white building blocks.