Trine Hahnemann

by Charlotta Hellichius

For this weeks Sustainability and Resilience class we invited Trine Hahnemann hold a lecture. She is a danish chef and cookbook author that strives to make current food systems more sustainable. She presented some intriguing facts – for example, for us to have a completely sustainable food system everyone would have to eat 80% vegetarian and 20% meats, fish and eggs. It’s old news that we have to eat more vegetarian foods, but to get an actual percentage was interesting. Trine also mentioned that she strives to buy 60 % of her foods from local and 40% from global resellers. This led to an interesting debate regarding the environmental friendliness of locally produced foods. Trines argument was that local isn’t always better because farmers should grow the crops that thrive in their particular environment. That means that we still have to  use trade to get a diverse diet, that does not mean, however that we are to continue importing products from all over the world that could be grown locally.

We also discussed urban vs. rural environments and what was the more desirable choice of the two. As we learned that the medium age of farmers is 57 years old. The class jumped to the conclusion that we need more people to live in rural areas. Trine on the other hand presented the argument that more people in rural areas, means more people in need of transportation, more people in need of more electricity to heat there homes and so forth. What we actually need is educated individuals that choose to farm the land, instead of trying to turn the complete urbanization trend around.

Trine has also founded the rye bread project wich can be checked out here, and they have a video documentary that I think you should watch.