Affermative Artefacts – Assignment 4

by Charlotta Hellichius


So, after last week I had to do some soul searching. The project was not moving in the right direction and i was becoming too literal and too detalfocused. I revised the project after an amazing crit on wednesday night and on thursday morning my project had evolved.

For this week we had to create two alternate ways of how our product earns its keep in this world. How does the product exist and in what form. The first embodiment of my product was a moveable balcony.

My second embodiment was to place my product in a Salvador Dalí painting. This is to represent my product as a piece of art as well as a social comment. The product is impossible to use in the manner its presented here, which fits in the Dalí paintings.

This exercise really forced me to think about the quality of the products that we create. How do you make a product that is worth your, as the designer, and everybody else, as users, time? Simply, how do you create affermative artefacts?