Affermative Artefacts – Assignment 5

by Charlotta Hellichius


This is the product that I presented last week in our final affermative artefacts class. Ii is to be a social comment and an art installation and not so much a product. The project consists of two ladders that when overlaid create one full set of steps. You can not use either ladder without the other.

My thought is this. A coconut tree strengthens the ritual of completing a physical task (eg. climbing up the tree) to retrieve something that is sought after (eg. the coconut). I combined this thought with the one of hiding birthday and christmas presents. My parents always used to hide my presents up high so that they were unreachable. This was, and is, also a kind of ritual. A present and a coconut have a lot of things in common. For example, you unwrap a present as you do a coconut, and there is always something valuable inside. My task was to translate, as well as combine, these rituals into a product.

The products heart is the shelf. You want to be able to store something on that shelf that is precious to you. The shelf is attached to a ladder with only three steps. You can not reach the shelf by use of this ladder alone. Therefore you have to buy the second separate ladder and overlay them. And that is kind of how our society releases products at the moment. You buy the product, but then you have to buy 10 other products to use it. Apple is a company that does this with great success. Buy creating the iphone that cant be dropped, they opened a complete iphone sleeve market. And by creating a scratch-able screen the user also needs to purchase a screen protectant, along with all the other products you need to make your phone work. This is a very interesting phenomena and it shows up time and time again. To finish my apple example, even though you might have been a iphone user before the iphone 5, you now need to scrap the chargers that you have and get a new one for this specific phone as well as a new cord to dock it into your computer and so forth. Instead of fixing products we choose to invent new products.

In the middle of this whirlwind of thoughts my project evolved, and is still evolving. It is still not completely finished, and I would love for this to be a life size model at one point. But as I envision this to be over 4m tall, it is hard for me to finish within the timeframe. But it will be finished.