Mark Making & Graphic Representation – Assignment One

by Charlotta Hellichius

The class is embarking on a seven week graphic design journey with Benjamin Critton, and last week we were asked to present what we thought was good graphic design.

An artist that I particularly like is Hyo Myoung Kim. He is a london based south korean designer that focuses on digital mediums with a heavy emphasis on color. In 2010 Myoung Kim enciphered George Orwells novel, 1984 into colour code.


This rendition of 1984 is both beautiful and conceptually challenging. The idea of changing letters for colors intrigue me. The onlooker is forced to change perspective and can not focus on one word, sentence or chapter at a time. Instead you are to see the page or the complete book as whole.


Graphically, I appreciate the simplicity and ordered chaos that the piece engulfs, as well as a solid conceptual backstory.


For more info:
– I first found this piece on Ingrid Fetells awesome, and colourfull blog aesthetics of joy.
– Here is an interview with Hyo Myoung Kim.
– As well as his webpage.